Cambridge Ghost Girl Mystery Solved
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case a thousand shares and thousands of comments all over social media. I'll admit that I was pretty interested as well, but we can all go back to our regularly scheduled "Facebooking" because the mystery of the &quo…
Cambridge NY Mysterious Picture [PHOTO]
Have you ever been on a ghost hunt? Wanted to stay over in a haunted building? I love this stuff. On TV, I've watched them all from Ghost Adventures, to Paranormal State, to Ghost Hunters- I love it. The minute I saw this creepy photo out of Cambridge, NY they had me hooked.
Should We Have ‘Shooter Drills’ in Our Schools?
You don't think anything of it when your kids come home from school and tells you they had a fire drill at school.  You don't think twice anymore about an "emergency go-home" drill, or even a "lock-down" drill.  But as of late, schools around t…