Olympic Athletes Will Receive 42 Condoms Each
I'm sure you've heard what really goes down at the Olympic Village!  There's a reputation that the athletes at the Olympics have a lot of sex with... each other.  But, 42 condoms each, that's insane!  Or is it!?
Brazil is planning to have 450,000 condoms available a…
Should You Be Worried About The Zika Virus?
Should we be worried about the Zika Virus here in the United States, the short answer is no. Keep in mind I am not a Doctor nor do I even play one on the radio. Heck I didn't even sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, I did however take the time to read a few articles about the Virus and I…
Largest Lego Tower In The World [Video]
It’s nice to know that video games cannot take the place of certain toys. Lego has been a favorite of children (and some adults) for a long time. Well now some of those adults have made a new Lego record by constructing the world’s largest Lego tower.