brad keselowski

NASCAR Champion Honored
Brad Keselowski has said that when he was growing up he didn't just want to be a race car driver - he wanted to be a great race car driver.  Now he is officially a NASCAR champion race car driver.
NASCAR Championship To Be Decided This Weekend
We are down to two drivers in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship - Brad Keselowski and Jimmie Johnson.  Everyone else has been eliminated from contention.  But will happen after last week's intentional wrecking, fighting in the pits, blown tire racing melee at Pho…
Two To Go In NASCAR Season
The 2012 NASCAR season is rapidly coming to a close.  There are just two races left in the Chase for the Sprint Cup Series Championship.  This weekend the teams have headed west to Phoenix International Raceway.  In Friday's qualifying, a new track record was set.
Jimmie Johnson Leads The Race And The Chase
By gaining maximum points last week at Martinsville Jimmie Johnson has taken the points lead in the chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship.  On Friday he won the pole starting spot for the second week in a row.  Now Johnson and Lowes team are in position to control their …
I’ve Chosen My Driver – Brad Keselowski
This Sunday When the engines rev and super fast cars turn left over and over again I will finally have a favorite driver. I found a young hot head that spends way too much time with Miller Lite, Brad Keselowski.