FDA Dog Treat Warning
We all try to protect our furry friends and sometimes it's good to be reminded of the things that can be harmful to our dogs. The FDA has issued a few reminders and treats to avoid.
Kids Who Eat Chicken Off the Bone Are More Aggressive [Watch]
This can't be true, right?  When I read articles about this study from Cornell, I thought, "This has got to be a joke, right?"
Well, it seems it may be true.
Watch the latest video at
Based on what the "expert" was saying, you probably don't need to change…
Human Remains Found in East Greenbush Home
This morning, on the Sean and Richie show, we talked about this crazy story about human remains that were found in East Greenbush!
On Wednesday, workers were doing some renovations to an old farmhouse when they stumbled upon some bones - I thought that was crazy, but I guess it happens a lot...
The Best New Show You Aren’t Watching [VIDEO]
I have written about this sort of thing before but today I'd really like to talk to those of you who are kind of "on the fence" when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy action stories. Maybe you are quick to point out to people that you do not like that kind of thing but you
also ha…
Have You Seen Bones
This season I have been trying to check out "American Idol."  I was interested to see how the show would be without Paula Abdul and now, Simon Cowell.  On that topic, "Idol" is actually pretty funny.  Steven Tyler's facial expressions are classic and Jennifer Lopez is so sweet an…