The Best News Bloopers of 2016 [Watch]
I love, love, bloopers on live TV!  So, every year when the "Best News Bloopers of the Year" I literally can't wait to watch it!
This year's is as funny as ever!
A YouTube channel  throws together the best news bloopers each month and at the end of the year they p…
The Best News Bloopers For April 2014 [VIDEO]
You can never get enough news bloopers and I have always loved the year end, "Best of" compilations. Well, the bloopers are becoming so well covered and published on line, that now we can put up great reels of bloopers every month.
Hurricane Sandy News Bloopers [VIDEOS]
When major storms happen it is a given that meteorologists and news reporters will be out in the thick of things reporting what is going on. When that happens, many times you can also be sure that someone will see that as a perfect opportunity to get their 15 minutes of fame on the television.
Great News Bloopers [VIDEO]
Bloopers are always funny. It's always a treat to see outtakes from TV shows and movies of people messing up. It's even funnier when it's live and there are no re-takes.