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Blake Shelton Taught Jimmy Fallon How to Milk a Cow [Watch]
When Jimmy made Blake eat sushi I thought it was so funny, little did I know that Blake was gonna return the favor and introduce Jimmy to something he's unfamiliar with!
Blake Shelton recently taught Jimmy Fallon how to milk a cow and I giggle out loud quite a few times while watching it...
Will This Blake Shelton Look Alike Show Up at the TUC Tonight?
The real Blake Shelton is coming to the Times Union Center tonight, but what about the fake one?
A look-a-like fooled fans and security at his show in Fargo, North Dakota on Saturday.  The guy's name is Andrew Dahle and he does look a little like Blake in the face, hair and beard, and …
#ThrowbackThursday Blake Shelton ‘The Baby’ [Watch]
He's coming to the Times Union Center in just a matter of hours!  Blake Shelton is one of country music's biggest stars!  But before the voice, and Miranda and all the awards, there was one amazing song... "The Baby" and it got Blake started on his amazing journ…

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