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Blake Shelton Now An Underwear Spokesman? [VIDEO]
Well, this is new.
When Blake Shelton isn't drunk tweeting on Twitter or spinning around in his chair on The Voice, it appears that he is also an underwear spokesman on the side now.
This leaves me wondering what Miranda must think of all this -- is she going to go all…
LOL! Blake Shelton’s Funniest Tweets
Blake Shelton has more than 12 million followers on Twitter, and for good reason! The "Sangria" singer's sense of humor stole our hearts long before The Voice, but the show has made him a worldwide star. And with that fame comes great responsibility to make people crack up, appar…
Bethany’s Sangria Recipes
So you might remember the great Sangria Spill of 2015 that happened the other morning.  In honor of Blake Shelton's new hit song "Sangria" I made 2 different kinds of the sweet, Spanish wine cocktails for my co-hosts and I to enjoy on a feel-good Friday...

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