Leggings Ain’t Pants [Watch]
Have you seen the memes on the internet of the do's and don'ts of leggings? You can apparently only wear certain colors, you have to wear them with a dress or super long tunic, you should be thin, you should be fashionable, boots, no thongs with them...
Congrats NFL! No Arrests for a Whole Month!
As I write this, I'm almost certain that I'll get myself into trouble... maybe with a family member, maybe with my husband, maybe with my co-host... maybe with you!
But I feel moved to share a couple of my thoughts on crime and the NFL.
You, see, no one in the NFL was arrested in September, …
Sean, Richie, and Bethany’s Friday Morning Live [Watch]
Did you hear us having an absolute blast with our listeners on Friday morning?  It was our very first edition of Friday Morning Live!  Where we invite a select group of listeners into our studio to hang out with us on a Friday morning!
We played games with them, had breakfast with them, got…
Bub’s Grandpa, A War Hero, Gets WWII Awards
So you hear me talking about Bub on the radio all the time, he's my husband, and his real name is Graig ERNEST Chapman.  He was named after his grandfather, U.S. Army Technician 4th Grade Sergeant Ernest Weller.  Who we all call Ernie.
I've known Ernie for a long time, but I had n…
Bethany’s Vintage Takeover [The Countertops] (Sponsored)
I never knew I could be in love with a piece of cold, hard stone until now.
I freaking love my new countertop!
Now, before I elaborate, you should know that the countertop that was in my kitchen was a hot mess!  It was yellow laminate with a built in glass cutting board that I could almost litera…
The 20 Best Towns in New York in 2015
Last week we had a post of the worst places to live in New York.  Johnstown and Gloversville made the list.  I think it's only fair to spread some good news about the Capital Region, too.
So, according to, here are the 20 Best Towns in New York...
10 Body Parts Women Hate and 5 They Kinda Like
Do you ever see a woman walking down the street, or shopping at the mall or sun bathing and think to your self, "She's so perfect, I'll bet she can wear whatever she wants."
Oh, come on, I know I'm not the only one who thinks that!
It turns out that all women have tons…

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