My Little Red Riding Hood and Scary Ninja
It's finally Halloween and I love, love to make costumes for my kids! In the past I've transformed them into astronauts and eagles, a firefighter, poodle skirt girl, kitty cat, mermaid, elephant, pirate—you name it!
But this year, my 6-year-old, Turner, wanted to be a ninja, and my 10…
Cairo Durham Is Ready to Win High School Hunger Games
From what I understand, Cairo Durham is pretty confident with their chances at winning WGNA's 3rd Annual High School Hunger Games!
And, when I was there a couple of weeks ago, they did have quite a bit of food!
I have to say, I love confidence when it comes to our competing schools...
Halloween Wine and Candy Pairings [Yum]
Not only is it a regular weekend, it's Halloween weekend!
To help you better celebrate, here's a list of what wine you should pair with your favorite Halloween candy.  (Or, with the candy that you steal from your kids!) Trick or Treat?...
Bethany and Marissa Present: Fall Drink Tutorial [Watch]
What are you gonna drink at you Halloween party?  Plain old beer? Boring old wine? No! Try to make one of these yummy concoctions that Marissa and Bethany made in their Fall Drink Tutorial!
On Saturday night Marissa and I made a couple of yummy fall drinks and sampled them for you...
Here’s What Your Dog Is Dreaming About When She’s Sleeping
My dog is pretty much sleeping all the time, you know when she's not eating or scratching herself.
And, sometimes I wonder what she's dreaming about when she moans or squeals or rolls over and smiles.
Well, according to an evolutionary psychologist from Harvard, when your dog is sleeping, th…

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