Watch Superheroes Play Street Hockey, Because It’s Awesome
They're all here, heroes and villains. Watch Spider-Man, Batmam, The X-Men, Bane, The Joker and more play street hockey in protest of the NHL Lockout.
This video proves that superheroes are incredibly talented athletes. I mean, how else are they able to pull this off wearing those ridiculous cos…
Five of the Craziest ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Theories
Is Bane a stand-in for Occupy Wall Street? Does Bruce Wayne fight for an oligarchical status quo? Is Gotham meant as an allegory for reign-of-terror France? Please, please Internet – you aren't trying hard enough. I come to you for insane 'Dark Knight Rises' theories predicated…
Batman’s Plane Revealed [VIDEO]
Good news Bat fans! There is footage of Batman's plane from the upcoming 'Dark Knight Rises' movie. Wanna see it? Wanna see it? Of course you do! Take a look.
Now I know some people will miss the old "Bat Wing" and how it looked like a plane, but I for one…
Nicholas Cage & His Interesting Hobby
Celebrities (or people in the public's eye) are constantly watched and sometimes criticized for what they do in their off-screen time.  However, many times we get lost in the poor decisions of these "celebrities," and never learn much about what truly interests them.
10 Best Academy Awards Moments of All Time [VIDEOS]
Over its 83 years, the Academy Awards ceremony has produced hundreds of memorable, inspirational and surprising moments. The coveted Oscar statuette instigates cinema's elite to cry, kiss, scream and "exercise." With emotions running high and the tension thick, there is no telling what wil…
Anne Hathaway Is Catwoman
The third in the new Batman series "The Dark Knight Rises" will be Christopher Nolan's last. He is the brain behind the awesomeness that is the Christian Bale Batman series.