Ladies, Would You Use The GoGirl? [PHOTO]
My friend and I tend to give each other one silly present every year for Christmas and one year, she gave me the GoGirl. My Mother thought it was a good thing to keep in my car (just in case) and though I've never used it, if the time came I think I would.
53% of People Think It’s Okay to do THIS in the Shower…
Pee!  Soooooo... the other 47% of you are lying?
I mean, shower time is usually private time, so you never really know what other people do in the shower.
But, a new survey found some of the weirder things people do when they're taking a shower or a bath...
Trending on Twitter: Selfie Olympics, Selfie Games
Here it comes! The latest wave of Internet crazy: #SelfieOlympics a.k.a. #SelfiesGame.
The Kardashians are doing it, your grandma's doing it. Hell, even the President's doing it!  Everyone's taking selfies, and most of them come straight from the bathroom...
No Fly Zone
So this morning, I finally made my unfortunate way to the "ladies" room to discover someone had trashed the single, private bathroom.