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Trent Harmon Meet-and-Greet [PHOTOS]
GNA hosted "American Idol" winner and country music artist Trent Harmon in our garage on Tuesday and in addition to our Fanatics getting the exclusive opportunity to hear her perform an acoustic set, they also got to meet the artist.
Trent Harmon Made My Grandmother’s Day! [PICS & VIDEO]
"Oh, I'm so nervous," said my 84-year old Nana.
She has been known to pick the "American Idol" winners from the audition process alone for the past 10 years. This final season was no different. In fact, Trent Harmon was quickly dubbed her "boyfriend&a…
Trent Harmon is Coming and My Nana is SO Excited!
Lets flashback a little, shall we. It was a crisp April night in Clifton Park. I rolled up in my Honda Civic with pizza in hand to my Nanas condo. It was time for, not just the finale but the final episode of American Idol.

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