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Don’t Be Too Jealous About Lottery Winners
This is a follow-up to my last blog about the poor NYS Lottery loser.  I took the stance that I feel sorry for the poor gentleman who decided not to buy a lottery ticket and therefore lost out on his cut of $319,000,000.  Actually, after seeing this story on YouTube, I might actually feel …
One War You Gotta Love-A Pizza War! (audio)
This is going to be amazing! We're having a pizza war, and you're invited.  In fact, we're looking for enlistments!  It's a short stint- 1 nite only!!!   I'm sure we'll find WMD's (weapons of mass digestion)--(ok, 'nuff said).
Albany NY Residents Livid Over Towed Cars
Recently, over 150 automobiles were towed in the city of Albany for being, shall we say, in the "wrong place at the wrong time". Many had to pay over $200.00 in towing and ticket fees.  Pretty "unhappy" campers to say the least.  Poor people need a song …