Family With 2 Young Kids Booted (VIDEO)
This latest viral airline video has surfaced of a Delta passenger Brian Schear of Huntington Beach, California,  being told that he and his wife Brittany, along with their two young children ages 2 and 1, had to exit the plane or they would risk being thrown in jail and their kids put…
What’s Your Price?
Flying home yesterday we were waiting in the Atlanta airport for our connecting flight to Albany and over the loud speaker, the nice woman at Delta asked for our assistance.
How Many People are in the Mile High Club?
Not sure yet if I think this poll is accurate, or not!  A new survey asked people if they have done it on an air plane, and here's what they found out -
1.  9% of people have joined the mile-high club.
2.  11% have WITNESSED other people joining...
This Website Will Make Your Excited and Terrified!
My husband said to me last night "Babe, type in Flight trader 24 into Google." So I did...
It's a website that tracks every single flight that is in the air right now.
I have a hard time imagining just how many flights are in the sky at any given moment, but this site lays it al…
Leslie Nielsen Dies
It's always sad news when anyone dies but especially sad when it is someone who brought laughs to millions time and time again.