The Syracuse Orange (I still want to call them the Orangemen) but I guess that was politically incorrect so I'll stick to the official name for this story. The name doesn't matter, what matters is that they are one win away from the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.Defense has led the way for Syracuse on this magical run with the 2-3 zone defense haunting losing head coaches in their sleep. They will find out how good that zone really is when they battle Michigan in their Final 4 game. Michigan has a deep lineup with 4 guys that can put the ball in the hoop. They are also a little bigger inside than Syracuse. I have my fingers crossed and would love SU to bring home another championship to New York State. If they win the Michigan game the experts are picking Louisville to be the team they'll have to play for all the marbles. First though, just beat Michigan! Louisville doesn't have an easy game as they are playing Wichita State, one of the hottest teams in the tourney.

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