I've noticed lately that lots of listeners have been asking for the answers to our Super 7 game, and since I aim to please, here ya go -
1. Common Sense

What month is it? 
a- June

2. State Capitals

LUKE BRYAN had to get stitches after falling off the stage at his show Thursday night in Charlotte, North Carolina.  What's the capital of North Carolina?
a - Raleigh

3. Spelling

144 years ago. . . In 1870, E.J. DeSemdt of New York City PATENTED ASPHALT - spell asphalt.
a - asphalt

4. Cancelled TV Shows

ARSENIO HALL'S new show was canceled after just one season - on his old show, what instrument did Pres. Bill Clinton famously play?
a - saxophone

5. TV Stars

On this day 24 years ago. . . In 1990, "SEINFELD" DEBUTED ON NBC - what is the name of the actress who played Elaine?
a- Julia Louis Dryfus

6. Local TV Stars

Alice from the Brady Bunch died yesterday at 88 - actress Ann B. Davis - what was Alice's last name on the show?

a - Nelson

7. History

Nine years ago. . . In 2005, former FBI agent MARK FELT revealed that he was DEEP THROAT - the secret source behind the watergate scandal - which president did he help take down?
a - Nixon
If you want to play our Super 7 game next week, all you have to do is tune in between 7 and 8 to The Sean and Richie Show and just give us a jingle!  Thanks for listening!
Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic