Every Monday morning on The Sean and Richie Show we play the Super 7 - Seven simple questions in a row, if you get them all correct, you win!  But, if you get one wrong, you lose!  Here are today's questions and answers -

1. Ads on TV
Jake from State farm is an actual insurance agent, named jake.  What company does Jake star in commercials for?
a - state farm

2. Grammar
Which is the correct word - We drove farther south. or We drove further south.?
a - farther

3. Albany Concerts

Paul McCartney played the Times Union Center this weekend - what famous band was he a member of?

a- beatles

4. Olympians
Michelle Kwan turns 34 today - what olympic sport is she famous for?
a - figure skating

5. People who look good in Daisy Dukes
Jessica Simpson got married over the weekend to Eric Johnson - who was Jessica's first husband?
a - Nick Lachey

6. Men with Great Hair
Jake Owen is coming to countryfest on Saturday - what is his "real" first name?
a- Joshua

7. Name that artist -
Name the Countryfest artist that sings these lyrics... Son graduatin' college, that was mommas dream  - And I was on my way to anywhere else when I turned eighteen
a - Montgomery Gentry
To play with us next week just tune into the 7 o'clock hour on Monday morning!  Good luck!
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images