Most of us in the Albany area, and beyond, always try to do so much outdoor stuff when summer arrives, since our warm weather is limited. Some of those things might include heading out to find some family things and concerts, like WGNA’s Countryfest 2013, on July 13 at The Schaghticoke Fairgrounds.

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You may want to head to downtown Albany and the Empire State Plaza for ‘Summer At The Plaza.’ The first show is tonight featuring the group ‘The Zombies.' They had some great hits in the 1960s and they’re known by almost everyone. ‘Time Of The Season’ and ‘She’s Not There’ are both big hit singles for The Zombies.

Don't forget about New York States 4th Of July At The Plaza, presented by Price Chopper. You might run into some of your favorite people from 1-0-7-7 GNA, too.

There are quite a few dates listed with entertainment for everyone. You never know when you might run into someone that you know at the plaza. Whatever you do hopefully you’ll have fun doing it.