You may have heard the new single from Sugarland on WGNA recently. It's called "Tonight" from their latest release "The Incredible Machine". It's a very sexy song and with a song like that you need a sexy video. Jennifer Nettles is one of the most beautiful women in music today and it certainly shows in this video.

"Tonight" has become a fan favorite at Sugarland's live shows. Kristian Bush explains in a recent interview:

"This song is an event every night we play it, when Jennifer gets to the first big 'Always' and holds it forever, and the band finally kicks in, and the electric guitars rumble to life under her note, it really turns the room into a stadium. I love how the audience start to cheer and scream, and how that energy carries us and the song to a new place. It makes a man want to play guitar!"

I am already loving this song and the video makes me love it even more as I am a big fan of Jennifer Nettles. I especially love the fact she went back to the long hair look. But that's just me!

So let's hear from all you Sugarland fans out there, what do you think of this new tune and video?