I couldn't believe it when I saw it. He was just here over the summer and killed it at SPAC. The ladies really seemed to enjoy him. But this study from Texas Hill Country shows that he's actually the least-liked music artist in the state of New York.

Absolutely crazy to think, really. As I looked at the map across the United States, I can understand rappers like 2Pac popping up, R&B artist R. Kelly makes sense to be disliked, but New York, I'm so surprised by you!

So, who hit the top of the list of least-liked music artist for New York? Prepare to be in disbelief...

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Luke Bryan

That's right, the guy who shakes it like no other. The guy who the ladies swoon over. The guy who has a bunch of hits under his belt. He's the least favorite.

Remember, this was over all popular genres of music, too, not just country. And it probably isn't a super scientifically done study either. But it is pretty comical.

Poor Luke, it's okay, we still love you here at 'GNA!