A 23-year-old East Greenbush man is in trouble with the law after something strange was reported to the East Greenbush Police. A man was allegedly approaching people at Hess Mart and asking them to use his credit card to buy gas, in exchange for the cash amount of the sale, less some kind of discount. Some of the people may have been lead to believe that he was trying to build up rewards points, or other promotions that credit card companies are known for. Some of the suspicious customers put a call into the East Greenbush Police Department about the incident.

East Greenbush Police Department

An officer determined that the only scam was allegedly perpetrated by the suspect because the credit card was stolen. That’s when they arrested Derek M. Hirsch and charged him with Criminal Possession Of Stolen Property. It was also discovered that Hirsch allegedly was carrying a syringe, which lead to a charge of Possession Of A Hypodermic Needle.

According to a press release by the East Greenbush Police Department, Hirsch was arraigned in East Greenbush Town Court and sent to the Rensselaer County Jail.