Here's another example of the vicious press making a mockery over a political candidate just because of a few minor slip-ups.  So she doesn't know when the King was born.  Big deal!  Ok- so she doesn't know the subtle difference between a world famous cowboy and a world famous mass murder!  Picky Picky Picky.  She still deserves a song!  Right?  Work with me here!  OK-I kid.  I don't take sides in politics (or at least on the air).  Whoever's in the news- that's who I like to pick on.  So please, don't start keeping score here.

In case you're wondering what the thought process is when I do these things, I'll let you know. First I see who's in the news.  I think about their name, and try to find a famous song that fits for parody purposes.  I TRY to use a country song if possible, but sometimes it doesn't work.  Let's see - Michele.... hmmm.  How about "Michele" , by the Beatles? It's not "country", but everyone knows the Beatles, right?  It'll have to do.  It's a perfect fit.  Now can I play the song?  It's got alot of weird chords.  That might be harder than writing the lyrics.  Come on-it'll be fun!


So that's the routine I go thru, and here's what the result: was.

Do you think the press is too cruel to candidates these days?  Would love to know your what you're thinking!