I hear people around Albany and Glens Falls talk about running to the grocery store before a big snow storm and stocking up and they always get the same stuff. It makes no sense. Seriously, they always get eggs, milk, bread and toilet paper. WHY??? If I think I might be snowed in for a day or two I want to have some fun while I'm stuck there waiting to get plowed out.  Here's what I would get if I know "snowmageddon" was coming on Friday to the area.

  1. 5 really good DVD's, you have to be entertained and great movies make the time go  fast. The Avengers and Thor would definitely be in the mix.
  2. Beer, and soda. Oh yeah, I'm having some cold ones during the cold one. LOL
  3. Potato Chips and dip. Sour cream an onion and barbecue for sure.
  4. Frozen Pizzas. Gotta have em!
  5. Dog treats, hey why should my puppies suffer. Let em' have some fun too.

What would you stock up on to get through the snow storm.