How amazing is this? Stewart Cink makes a 94-foot putt on a basketball court!


As a “golfer” I know how hard it is to make a close putt on the actual green of a golf course, so to me, Cink making this putt 94 feet across a basketball court is so amazing.
Cink is known as one of the best long-distance putters on the PGA Tour and boy did he prove he can be one of the best long-distance putters off the PGA Tour as well!


The amazing putt was made during half time of the Georgia Tech-Duke men's college basketball game. The contest had Cink putting the ball through a tiny square cut out, and again…he MADE it!

Take a look at this video, it’s simply amazing.



It is being reported that the putt secured a $25,000 scholarship for a fan.

I need to get on a basketball court now and see if I can do this!