My friend Steve Holy, (yeah I just dropped that name, can you help me pick it up?) called me a couple of weeks ago asking for my opinion on a song. I was more than happy to help but now he needs your help as well.

Here's the deal, as you know Steve has enjoyed great success with hits like, "Good Morning Beautiful" and "Love Don't Run" but I think one of the more interesting hits was, "I Got A Brand New Girlfriend". The reason for this is that this was a song that was never intended to be released to radio. Steve personally thought it was a great song and wondered if people would like to hear it on the radio, he called a few friends and asked them if they would play it on the air and see what people thought... long story short, next thing you know Steve has a huge hit!

Now he is in a very similar situation and is wondering what you think of one of his latest songs. What I would like you to do is give this song a good listen or two, and then in the comments section at the bottom of this page, tell Steve what you honestly think. Is this a song you'd like to hear on the radio? Would you turn it up when you heard it come on? Would you request it?

Remember, honesty is the important thing here. I don't want anyone being rude, or unnecessarily, "sucking up" as Steve himself will be reading these comments at some point.  With all that said, I thank you in advance for your time and opinions.

Here is "Hauled Off And Kissed Me" By Steve Holy:

(just click on the triangle to listen)

Don't forget to comment on the song below!!!!!