If you missed "Pet Connection" today on the " Sean and Richie Show", here is another chance for you to take a look at a couple of great pets up for adoption. We would love to thank our sponsor The Animal Hospital in Guilderland for their help in getting these pets new homes. Let's take a look at the pets featured today.

This is a different type of Pet Connection…it’s actually a very sad, but very true story.

Last year there was a beautiful Rottweiller named “Thunder” living in the Bronx. He had a great life that ended so tragically.

There was a home invasion, his owner and his sister we shot and killed. He was shot…and rushed to an emergency Vet in Manhattan. He was in bad shape. His front leg was amputated, but he survived he the only survivor in his home.

For the past year he has been with Pack Ethic Rescue and along with Rottie Empire Rescue, we are trying to find this special dog a TRUE third chance at life.

Thunder is 5-6 years old, good with dogs, kids, loves all people, and doesnt seem to care to much about cats. He is a sweet loving boy who just wants to be with his people all of the time.

To make this story even sadder, Thunder was adopted and had a wonderful loving home, then another tragedy hit. The woman who loved him and adopted him was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he ended up back in rescue.

The ideal home for him is one without stairs and where someone is home a lot as Thunder thrives off human companionship since he is really not able to play with other dogs anymore.

I have met this dog, spent some time with him at Pet A Palooza, he is wonderful and so full of life and all he want to do is please you and be with you.

If you are interested in adopting, Thunder please contact the Rottie Empire Rescue at 269-6581.