I took My daughter to see "The Hobbit" on Friday and saw the "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer in it's entirety. I would be lying if I told you I noticed the secret "Easter Egg" myself but I know about it now and soon so will you.

A website that has added to my nerd knowledge exponentially called Giantfreakinrobot.com found a hidden Easter Egg which is nerd speak for a hidden gift that you have to look hard to find. This one is a viral website. J.J. Abrams is famous for doing this. He made secret websites for almost all of his shows and movies. First watch the trailer and see if you catch it.

Miss it? I did too. it's a website called Areyouthe1701.com. So far there isn't much there but if Abrams stays true to what he normally does this will be a fun way to pass time until "Star Trek Into Darkness" reaches the big screen in May of next year.