I really try to change up my work habits. I sit here at my keyboard for awhile, and then I try to stand. They say it's better to stand. At least, that's what we thought, right?

Standing desks are becoming a big seller. Have you seen them? Here's an example:


This is a height adjustable desk. Notice the lack of a chair. So you type from a standing position obviously. Is this beneficial? I'm doing it right now, by the way.

photo by Richie Phillips

According to this health related article at US News.com, if you'r not using the standing desks correctly, you could do harm. If you stand all day, that's no good. You can compress your spine and increase back problems or varicose veins. You need to alter it - sit for awhile, stand for awhile, sit for awhile.

Also, you shouldn't stand STILL. You need to move. Fidget around or something. Same thing with sitting. One static position is no good.

Wow - lots to consider. You should read the whole article to get some more great tips.

I wonder if kneeling would work?