Finally, my favorite time of year has arrived, SPRING. I know  technically Spring has been here for a while but besides the weather feeling very spring like, there has been one very important factor missing, GOLF!  If you love the game like I do you may have been getting the same question as I have lately, "Hey,  when is Stadium going to open?" That of course is always the question because Stadium always seems to be the first to be up and running because of the incredible drainage of the course. Well the answer is NOW.

Technically I think it happened this past Wednesday but with The Masters on this weekend, the weather getting warmer and a great forecast for the next week I figured a lot of you would want to know the same thing I wanted to know, "How does the course look?" and "Will I be able to get a tee time?"

Stadium Golf, Sean and Steve Azar - WGNA

So I asked Stadium Golf Course owner Greg Hennel those very questions this morning and Greg said, "The course looks GOOD but tee times are a bit scarce for the weekend. (We Are) just thrilled to be open and it is nice to see all of the golfers again!"

So there you have it he said the tee times are "scarce" but I didn't hear him say non-existent! SO I encourage to to call as soon as possible, but like I said, it looks like we have quite a few nice days ahead of us. I hope to see you out on the links soon my friends.

photo by Richie Phillips