St. Patrick's Day has always been one of my favorite Holiday's.  Being Irish and all, I go all out, the green clothes, the green drink and of course the FOOD! 

Anyone headed to a party this weekend, or needs an idea for a snack to bring to a St. Patrick's Day Party needs to read this

Andrea McMaster

Andrea set out on Saturday to make festive snacks for us to have and one snack for Caden to bring into school for his class party.  When she told me they would only take her an hour, I didn't believe her at all!  But, she was was only an hour!  So, truly anyone can make these, even last minute! 

Andrea documented on Andrea's Coupon Club, how to make these 3 snacks, they are so good and creative you are going to want to check them out! I loved the homemade chips...and they are low in carbs! 

These are new treats for us, what are your favorite St. Patrick's day Snacks?