Yep, I certainly do.  I just have to put this out there. This won't take long. Get ready, Zac.  I'm about to call you out. 

This, I guess is a kind of click bait, but now that I have your attention, I need to say something about this artist, now that I had the privilege of attending one of his "Eat and Greet" experiences before his recent performance at SPAC.

photo by Richie

Here are my choice words about this guy- LOYAL. GENEROUS,  COMMITTED.

Explanation.  LOYAL. He's loyal to his fans .  He brings in a freeking tractor trailer converted into a gourmet kitchen and prepares food for more than 100 people. How can you not become loyal in return?

GENEROUS. Come on!  It's not just hamburger and hot dogs here.  He served leg of lamb!  Not only that, ZAC AND HIS BAND SERVED THE FOOD TO EVERYONE PERSONALLY - over 100 people  That's a very generous use of his time.  Who does that?

COMMITTMENT- He's committed to his fans and his career. You can tell -by doing these things, he's in it for the long haul.

I can't say enough about Zac Brown.  I'm sure if you experienced what we did, you'd have even MORE (positive) choice words.