That's what I've been diagnosed with.  And it might be terminal.   Know what an earworm is?  I will now splain, Lucy...

According to

   Ear Worms (from the German phrase Ohrwurm) are those songs that weasel their way into your head like uninvited guests and then proceed to stink up the inside of your cranium by playing themselves there over. And over. And over. And over. They're those songs that just get stuck in your head, and no amount of screaming, pounding, protesting, and banging your head into your desk will get them out.

What's YOUR country music EARWORM?  Mine is "Someone Else Is Calling You Baby" by Luke Bryan.   It's the "Baaaaa-by, Someone Else Is Calling you Baaaaa-by, Driving Me Crazzzyyyy..." part that is ahhh...driving me CRAZY.  When I had a fever recently, I swear, at any given moment over an 18 hour period I would stop randomly and that song would be "playing".    Why????  Noone else is calling me baby, I can tell you that.  Although if this keeps up,  I WILL be crazy!

Others over the past year?   Zac Brown's "As She's Walkin' Awaaaaaaaaayaaaaaaayaayyyy"

                                                  Chris Young's " I Hear Voices All the Tiiiiiiiiimmmmmmee"

                                                  Eric Church's " Drink A Little Drink, Smoke Alittle Smoooooke" (and I don't even do any of either, which makes it weirder.)

      OK, that's mine.  What's yours?  Please comment.  Very interested in how crazy you are!