Some Rotterdam residents are growing tired of crimes in their neighborhoods and are making an attempt to put together a neighborhood watch group.

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One of the areas of concern is a tunnel that goes under Interstate-890 that leads to Hamburg Street and Watt Street. In June, there was a story about that.

One incident that raised the neighbors’ concerns was an attempted break in and surprising and scaring a family. Then the three young suspects made an attempt to get away through the tunnel. The three were arrested.

The tunnel, which is actually in the city of Schenectady, is just a few short blocks away from Rotterdam. Cars and homes in Rotterdam have been getting broken into and burglarized.

People seem to find the tunnel perfectly safe during daylight hours, and is being utilized properly. The major problems occur at night. One suggestion was to limit access to the tunnel at night, possibly with a gate.

According to the story on WNYT, the concerned Rotterdam resident that’s trying to put the watch group together is Steve Parks. He has also launched a ‘Rotterdam Watch’ Facebook page as part of the ‘watch’ effort.