You couldn't have asked for better weather on Saturday July 9, as about 30 thousand people joined all of us from WGNA for Countryfest 2011 at the Altamont Fairgrounds. I will give News 10's  Steve Caporizzo a big thank you for that.All the performers did a great job. Our friends from the Back 40 Band did a good job at getting the crowd warmed up. I think most of us on the air staff took pictures, which you'll see on the WGNA website, as everyone slowly recovers from a long, enjoyable day. (Please check back often)

In my gallery, I also took a few photos while I was on stage of some of the performers, and a few of the audience, which some of you even posed for. My wife, Linda, walked with me through the fest goers, and took some more pictures. Maybe you'll see yourself or some of your friends.

So who was seen at WGNA Countryfest 2011?