Wow, now that I have stopped tearing up like a little girl I HAVE to share this video with you.

Stock Photo, Getty Images

Twenty-six-year-old John Vorrath is a sergeant who has been stationed in the Middle East for the past five months. He knew that his wife would be giving birth while he was away and was under the full understanding that there would be no passes granted for him to go home to be there.

It seems that his commanding officer told him just one day before the C-section was scheduled that the policy had changed, so John went ahead and put in a request even though he would probably not be able to make it in time.

Well, when John was Facetiming his wife, Janae, during her surgery, someone handed him a note telling him his leave was approved. Without telling his wife, John then flew 22 hours to get to her side and it was all filmed by family.

If this story couldn't get any better, at the end John's 2-year-old son walks into the room and sees his daddy for the first time in a year and a half. This may have gotten to me the most.

God bless them all and all the troops who are all around the world protecting us and the families left back here missing them.