Local Divorce Mediator Michele Martin, founder of Malta based Divorce Agree Mediation was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline last week!

She is also the mediator for the very first ‘Divorce Hotel’ in the United States - right here in Saratoga Springs!
DivorceHotel began in the Netherlands in 2011 as an innovative process for divorcing couples to end their marriage in a positive, quick and cost effective way – mediating their divorce in a luxury hotel over the course of a weekend.  There is even a reality show based on the Netherlands' hotel!
Michele Martin was part of the team who brought the DivorceHotel to the Gideon Putnam Hotel, right here in the Capital District!  It's the very first DivorceHotel in the United States.  There is currently a US version of the reality show in the works.
Michele will be on our morning show Monday, October 6!
Here's the clip of Nightline -

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Contact Michele and find out more about the DivorceHotel!  Click here!