I love to sing! I have for years. I was a member of the chorus all through school, from elementary to high school. I was in a band back in the day. I am always singing along to the radio in the car. I especially love getting out and belting a few at karaoke.

I don't consider myself the best singer. But I feel i can hold my own. I can hold a tune and can tell when i'm out of tune and know what i can and can't sing. I just love to get out there and sing and have fun. But I am my own worst critic.  If I screw a song up, even though it's just for fun, I shake my head and say "Well, that just plain sucked!"

Speaking of being a critic, I get to be a judge tonight for the start of the Country Idol Karaoke Contest at Vapor in the Saratoga Casino and Raceway. The party kicks off with country dancing at 7p with Kevin Richards. Register for the Karaoke contest between 7-8:30. The Contest will start at 9.

So get your voices ready! I plan on being a tough but fair judge. If you aren't that good, I will let you know it! Don't be like those folks on American Idol who are absolutely dreadful and wonder why they aren't going to Hollywood! Oh Yeah, this is for a chance to win $5, ooo! William Hung soundalikes need not apply!!