It seems everyone is snapping photos these days – and with cell phone cameras directly connected to social media, your face can be plastered all over the internet in a matter of seconds.  Photoshop and online photo editing tools are great for fixing up your own photographs before you post profile pictures or photos of you and your friends to your Facebook wall, but what can you do to look good in the photos other people take?

Tricks to Hide the Double Chin

It’s probably not practical to wear a scarf every day to cover up that double chin that only seems to come out when you get photographed – so instead of covering up, channel your inner giraffe, instead.  Keep your head held high, turn it slightly away from the camera while extending your neck a little.  You will eliminate the double chin and your face will look thinner.   Try to keep the photographer at eye level or above you. If someone is lower than you and takes a photo looking up?  It’s not going to be pretty.

Take a Cue from Models

Have you noticed most models don’t stand head-on facing the photographer?  When you face forward, you will look wider in photographs, so turn your body slightly away from the camera, put one leg out in front of the other to bring one shoulder closer to the photographer.   And remember not to slouch! You’ll look thinner.

Be Confident

Cameras have the ability to show off your insecurities.  If you’re uncomfortable getting your photo taken, it will show in the picture.   Think of something funny or good that has happened to you recently when you’re about to get your photo taken, relax and smile!

Stop it with the Duck Lips

What is it with all of these photos where the women look like they just sucked on a lemon?!  Pretty sure no one finds those pictures overly attractive.

What are your best tips for looking good in spur of the moment photos?