Do you consider yourself fairly intelligent?   Do other people think you're smart?  Or just a wiseguy?  Well there are bunch of really smart people in Albany this weekend.

They are here to play some games.  It's called Mind Games®.  An event sponsored by the American Mensa organization of  Mensa, the high IQ society.  Every year, game manufacturers and inventors submit a number of new-to-the-market board and card games that are to be played by attendees who evaluate and rate the games.

This year the Mind Games competition is being hosted by Mensa of Northeastern New York here in Albany.

The Mind Games event runs over the course of  three days in the Spring and the year's five best new games are chosen.

What is Mensa?  Mensa is an international society with only one requirement for membership: a score in the top two percent on a standardized IQ test. Mensa follows no political agenda and holds no opinions, but rather serves two main purposes: (1) serving as a social organization for its members, and (2) promoting research and understanding in the area of human intelligence.