Ok, Slingerlands.  Get the info together and please inundate me!  I'm ready to take pen to paper and start creating a theme song for you!  

Google Earth

Please leave your information in the comment section here. I'm looking for the funny, the factual or a combination of both.

You can be historical or hysterical, just "load me up", PLEASE. I'll even accept photos too. Please send to Richie@wgna.com  

What it's best known for?

Well known attractions or businesses (I can actually sneak you in a free plug!)

Funny quirks (the red light in the middle of town hasn't worked in 10 years etc)

Quick historical facts (don't get all  "Wikipedia" on me- just a few bullet points will do)

The song will air on Thursday's Sean and Richie Show, typically between 8:45-8:50am.  It will also be on this website on one of my blogs.

Would you like to hear examples of songs done in the past?  Click the button below.  Thanks in advance!