At the University of Chicago, researchers released new data on child obesity.  300 children from Kentucky, between the ages of  four and ten were studied.  The study found an interesting correlation between children who don't get enough sleep and an increased risk for obesity and weight-related problems.  Researchers found children who slept the least were nearly four-and-a-half times more likely to be obese.  Children who compensated for their lack of z's during the week by sleeping in on the weekends, were just over two times more likely to be obese.  This of course just turns into a vicious cycle -- when they should be up early and out of the house being active, especially in the warmer months, they are still in bed.

Experts recommend children get at least nine to ten hours of sleep per night.  Unfortunately, with the amount of homework teenagers get now a days, that's not always duable.  At a young age, I think it is important to teach kids good life habits and start a better cycle from the get-go.  I can remember growing up my, Mom insisting my brother and I get to bed by 9pm so we had enough sleep for school in the morning.  Not only can sleep help your energy level and metabolism, but also your ability to learn and be productive.  I still, to this day, make sure I get enough sleep.  Even with the early hours of our show, I still try to get around eight-hours of sleep a day (napping included).  Otherwise, I feel useless.