If you are a fan of country music than you are most likely also a fan of local band Skeeter Creek and one of the members of the band, Joe Kulewicz is asking for help in finding his birth parents. He doesn't have a whole lot of information to go on but as he said when I spoke to him, it all happened locally and it's a small world there has to be someone out there who may know something. The fact of the matter is , any small bit of information can lead to the clue that unlocks the whole mystery.

As for the little bit of information Joe has to work with right now this is what he recently wrote on his Facebook wall about his search.

 "After 44 years, I've decided that I'm ready to try to find my birth mother. I was adopted at birth by my wonderful parents who raised me. I found out I was adopted accidentally at a Dr's appointment when I was 8yrs. old. About 2 years ago I searched briefly for public records but didn't come up with much. Here's what I know: my mother was a student at FMCC and my father was a professor there. I was actually born between September 10- Oct 17th, 1970. ( Oct. 17th is my celebrated Bday). I believe my birth name was Richard. (Insert one liners here lol ). I was born at Nathan Littauer hospital in Gloversville NY."

I have to agree with Joe, it is a small world and I'm betting if we get this story shared with enough people in the area someone will come forward with more information. I'm sure anything you may know would be much appreciated by Joe and his family. If you have anything you would like to share feel free to contact Joe through his Facebook Page.