You already know the jingle, now you could win a shopping gift card just for singing it!

Martin, Harding & Mazzotti is partnering with WGNA to give away a $1,007 Crossgates Mall gift card to one lucky listener who sings the famous jingle. You know... the one that ends "Martin, Harding and Mazzotti do it again, call 1-800-LAW-1010."

Stuck in your head now?

Well keep it there, and while you're at it, come out to one of our events to sing the jingle for a chance to win!

We'll be hanging out at Crossgates Mall every Saturday (locations and times will vary). Call 518-881-1515 to find out when and where each week.

On Dec. 15, we'll be selecting a winner for the $1,007 gift card!

If you'd rather record the video from your own home, we've posted the lyrics to the jingle below. Simply record your video and post it on Instagram (must be a public profile) using the hashtag #law1010. We'll post your entry on our site.

Check out who's already in the running and watch them sing the jingle:


Hurt in a car wreck you know who to call Martin, Harding and Mazzotti, taking care of it all. The number’s the same as its always been, 1-800-LAW1010.

Injured on a job or fell of a ladder or even slip and fall it really doesn’t matter, just make the call to Martin, Harding and Mazzotti; they’ll help you get your life back the way it ought to be.

The heavy hitters do it again 1-800-LAW1010, the heavy hitters do it again.

Helping you is what we do. All you gotta do is remember that number, then call the heavy hitters when you’re down and under, you know how it goes come on sing it again: 1-800-LAW1010.

Don’t mess with that insurance company, pick up the phone when you call the heavy hitters you’re never alone. They’ll work to get you more; because we know how, so call the heavy hitters up right now.

The heavy hitters do it again 1-800-LAW1010, the heavy hitters do it again. We’re Martin, Harding and Mazotti. 1-800-LAW1010.