I've seen some nice homes in my life, but never before have I seen the kind of homes like what I saw when I was at the Showcase of Homes last weekend.

Really only one word can sum it all up: unbelievable.

The Showcase of Homes is a celebration of Saratoga County's most beautiful homes and the Capital Region's finest builders who made them. The event is held on three consecutive weekends, and will end after this weekend (Oct. 4-5).

The showcase is now in its 19th year, and this year's event features the latest in building

One of the homes in the Showcase of Homes 2014. Credit: Lou Roberts

techniques and design, gorgeous furnishings and fixtures and products from the region's top suppliers.

I got a chance to see these unique homes when I went with WGNA to the Showcase of Homes, and I truly could not believe my eyes. In fact, I would have toured every single home if I had the time!

To give you an idea of what I saw, there were closets designed just to hold shoes! One home had a theatre with a 105" screen for the perfect movie viewing party. All of the homes I saw had perfectly kept grounds, including one home that had an in-ground pool that was perfectly positioned to face an amazing view of the Adirondack mountains, not to mention the perfect patio for entertaining. Not that I would typically describe a bathroom, but this one home had a bathroom with a completely glass shower and a television so you could catch up on the news while getting ready for your day.

For someone in the market to build a home, I can't think of a way to get inspiration better than this. To check out the homes that will be available to see as part of this year's Showcase of Homes, click here. And for more information, visit the Showcase of Homes website.

One of the homes in the Showcase of Homes 2014. Credit: Lou Roberts