What's going on?

Which GNA DJ Has the Hotter Gender Opposite? [PHOTO]
You've seen it going around on Facebook so of course, we had to do it too! We took Brian, Chrissy, Jess, and Matty and put it through the app to see what we'd look like as the opposite gender. The results were hilarious!
Local Girl FaceTimes Dierks Bentley [VIDEO]
If you follow Dierks Bentley on Instagram you saw that some lucky fans got to FaceTime him while he was recording his album. What you may not have known is that one of those fans is from Montgomery County and I'm really jealous!
Driver's Licenses Could Soon Be Replaced
I never go anywhere without my driver's license. I need it in case I (accidentally) get pulled over, to get into some bars, and to buy alcohol. Now, if all goes well, that card may become obsolete.
Proctors Announces Upcoming Season [VIDEO]
Subscriptions are now for sale at Proctors and Capital Rep and you have the opportunity to see some amazing shows, including one based on the "Man in Black" himself.
Warning, This Child's Toy is Burning Hands
You think when you buy your child a toy, as long as you follow the age regulations and keep an eye on them, they're safe. There's a post going around Facebook that may prove that wrong.
Your Private Information is Being Published and Delivered
I know my information isn't as private as I think it is but I feel a little better knowing it takes a bit of effort to hack a computer and get to it. Until I saw in the local paper, it's being published for everyone to see!
Teenagers Don't Miss Out on Important Moments at St. Jude's
My Senior year of High School I was excited about two things: Graduation and Prom. I was lucky that those two things were all I had to worry about, the children of St. Jude's don't have that luxury but St. Jude's makes sure they don't miss out either.
So, I Got an 11-Year-Old St. Jude Survivor In Trouble... [PHOTO]
Brian, Chrissy, and I had the amazing opportunity to see the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN a few weeks ago and I had no idea I'd come back with the stories I did. I just wish one of them didn't involve getting a St. Jude survivor in trouble!
The First Thing That Stood Out to Me at St. Jude's
Do you remember going to the doctor as a kid? To me, it was scary and I never really knew what was going on, just that I had to be there and chances are I needed a shot. St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital this is what makes it a completely different experience.
Free Bagels in the Capital Region Tomorrow!
I love bagels, make them free and I've found my happy place. All over the Capital Region tomorrow you can get free bagels, don't miss out on free breakfast for the rest of the week!