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The Post, a Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
Lights Camera Jackson is in Los Angeles to participate in the Critics Choice Awards voting and viewing tomorrow night but he's still bringing us the movies we need to focus on this weekend.
Essential Oils Could Be Harming Your Pet
Do you have a diffuser in your home? They smell good, relax you, but depending on which scents you're using apparently could be hurting your smaller animals.
"I, Tonya," a Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
The holiday blockbuster time is over but thankfully we're starting the first movie weekend in 2018 with some great ones and Lights Camera Jackson will tell us which are worth seeing and which you can skip.
Governor Cuomo to Change NYS Thruway by 2020
The Governor made his State of the State address on Wednesday and one of the biggest changes that he discussed was happening to the New York State Thruway and he said we should be changed over as early as 2020.
Wolf Lurking in Niskayuna Neighborhood [PHOTO]
I never think when I'm walking to my car in the morning before work that I have to worry about being mauled by a wild animal. Now, there's evidence on Facebook that says I should probably take a second look.
iPhone Hack That Could Save Your Life
Imagine this, you're walking alone and someone comes up behind you. You're holding your iPhone but can't get your passcode in or get to the place to dial 911. Thankfully, Apple has a little-known hack that helps you dial 911 faster.
Lights Camera Jackson's Top 10 Movies of 2017 [VIDEO]
This has been an interesting year for movies, to say the least. If you've been holding out and not seeing any this year, thankfully Jackson broke down the top 10 movies of the year so you know which ones you can't miss.

Asbestos Found in Makeup from Claire's
In my pre-teen years, Claire's was everything. There wasn't a mall visit when I didn't stop at that store and grab makeup or hair stuff so it scares me to think that makeup aimed at young girls has been found with asbestos.
Uber Scams to Be Careful of on New Year's Eve
If you're going out on New Year's Eve, be safe about it, there's no reason to be drinking and driving and putting yourself and others at risk. Multiple people going out at one time leads to people trying to make extra money so look out for these scams on your way home.
Reddit Unknown Facts About the Capital Region [LIST]
Vinnie posted yesterday about how the Capital Region Walmart is the biggest in the United States. Did you know that? A bunch of Redditors made a list of other things about the Capital Region you may not have known.