What's going on?

Tonight's Mega Millions Jackpot Largest Ever
With a grand prize estimated at nearly one BILLION dollars, tonight's lottery jackpot will  be the largest in the history of Mega Millions. While odds of winning are an approximate - and astronomical -  300 million-1, it's still worth a few bucks.  How do you select your &ap…
Search Continues For Missing Niskayuna Teacher
Relatives have described the disappearance of a Niskayuna pre-school teacher as completely out of character and naturally, they're worried sick but still hoping for the best.
Chrissy's Son's Booster Seat My Be Unsafe, Is Yours?
Being a parent, we always strive to make sure that our kids are as safe as possible at all times. Now a consumer report is out with alarming results from testing child booster seats. Here are the ones they found to be unsafe.
Whiskey Advent Calendar Coming Soon
It seems like advent calendars are being geared more toward adults this year. This time it's for the whiskey lover that we all know. In fact, I know two.
Spider Infestation May Be Coming this Season
I'm not a fan of the word "infestation" with pretty much anything but apparently we're about to see a whole bunch more spiders this season, here's how to keep them out!
Fast Food Chain Closes Suddenly In Latham
It seems that we are always so excited when a fast food chain decides to open in the Capital Region. I can't lie, though, I never saw anyone in their drive-thru or even go in. So it was no surprise that this fast food restaurant closed its doors suddenly.
Beware! Recruitment Scam At Local Company
Even when you are applying for a job, scammers are always working on trying to steal your information.This scam involves a local company that is actually hiring but the scammers are sending out false letters.
Snow Coming to Capital Region This Week
I feel like fall just started and already we're seeing "snow" in the news. I don't mind the colder temperatures, I'm just not ready for winter yet.
Troy Planning to Open Brand New Cat Cafe
If you have allergies, this may not be the place for you to hang out. It's a trend all over the world and now, we'll have our own right here in the Capital Region.
Delicious Candy Corn Shot Recipe
Halloween parties are right around the corner and here is a simple recipe that will surely make your party a hit. The best part? The shots look like candy corn, but don't taste like them.
Certain Jeeps Being Recalled
Another week brings another vehicle recall. This time it's a certain Jeep that could cause steering problems. Here are the details.
Another Local Big Box Store Closing Doors For Good
Toys-R-Us broke our hearts last year when they announced the closing of it's retail stores in the area.  Today it was announced that another local big box store, this one with ties to the Capital Region since the 80's, is closing it's doors for good.
Live Your Grumpiest Life On 'National Grouch Day'
Usually I look forward to a brand new week; I have fresh ideas from the weekend and I'm raring to go on a Monday.  Today though I felt different, and now I know the reason why - or at least the story I'm sticking to!
Today is National Grouch Day and whether you decide to tag a grouch o…
Go Fund Me Hub For Schoharie Crash Victims
In the wake of the horrible crash that killed twenty people in Schoharie, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to the families. With all of the Go Fund Me accounts being set up, the state says that there is a way to verify their authenticity.