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Brian and Chrissy's 4th Of July 'Salute To The Troops'
Starting at 6am on Wednesday, July 4th - and continuing all throughout Independence Day on WGNA - Brian and Chrissy will be honoring some of the local men and women in our military who may be away from their families while protecting our freedom back home. We'll be airing special shout-outs, message…
Armed And Ready: My Training Day With The Colonie Police(Video)
What's it like being a police officer? It's exciting, stressful, dangerous, rewarding, and tricky all at once.  While I'll never know what it's like to really be out there protecting the streets, I was fortunate enough to spend a few hours in police training with some great men from the Colonie Poli…
Get A Free Blizzard - Here's How
There's an easy was to get an amazing treat just in time for the hot summer weather. Here's how to get a delicious and free Dairy Queen Blizzard.
Blaze Pizza Giving Away Free Pies All Day Friday
The only thing better than pizza, is free pizza.  And the only thing better than free pizza is...well I don't think there is a better thing!  The brand new Blaze Pizza in Clifton Park ought to be quite busy all day Friday while giving customers free pizza for 10 whole hours on Friday.
Newly Proposed Firework Laws Could Bang Your Wallet
A newly proposed fine being discussed in Schenectady County would ding those lighting off fireworks and sparklers and give police the ability to not only bang your wallet with a hefty fine, but confiscate the explosives as well.  It is actually an addition to the city’s already existing ordinance fo…
Clifton Park's Kevin Huerter Taken 19th Overall In NBA Draft
A dream come true for Shenedehowa grad Kevin Huerter. After all the speculation about where the former Shen Plainsmen turned Maryland star where land in Thursday nights NBA draft, the wait is finally over. The Clifton Park star will begin his NBA career with the Atlanta Hawks with the 19th overall p…
8 Must-Have Products for Countryfest 2018 [LIST]
I'm sure you're bringing your boots, your cowboy hat, some sunscreen, and a few red solo cups but aside from the obvious, these are other things that could make Countryfest even better than it already is!
Dream Job For Dog Lovers
It is billed as the best job in the world and I can't argue with that. There is a paid summer internship that is perfect for any dog lover. If I was looking for a perfect job, this would be the one for me!
Wild Plant Could Cause Severe Burns
There is a wild plant that grows in the area that is very dangerous to the human touch. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is warning hikers to be aware and what to do if you encounter it.
Long-Awaited Schenectady Druthers to Open This Week
I've been to the location in Albany, I've been to the location in Saratoga so when it was announced that it was coming to my hometown I couldn't wait. After pushing back a few opening dates, it's finally opening!
Frozen Boozy Adult Treats
There's another way for adults to cool off on a hot summer day. This frozen treat is available, if your are of age, that is not only is it refreshing, but you can enjoy a little frozen alcohol too.
CVS Will Now Deliver Your Drugs To You
The ever-evolving fast paced world we live in just keeps getting better.  As our busy lifestyles just keep getting busier, convenience is the key to making our lives manageable.   We want it all - fast, faster, fastest - when it comes to everything from  pizzas, groceries, clothes, household product…
FGL Fans Will Love (or Hate) What Morgan Wallen Says They May Do
So much has changed for country star in the making Morgan Wallen since he came up to SPAC with Florida Georgia Line last Summer.  He penned a huge hit for Jason Aldean with 'You Make It Easy' and he collaborated with his boys Tyler and Brian from FGL on what will be one of the summer's biggest songs…
Robber Stealing Flags from Local Cemetery
Without knowing this story, this title would make my blood boil but this may be the first (and only) time that I laugh about a robber stealing flags from a cemetery.
Nominate Albany to Get Potholes Fixed!
Potholes are terrible and I feel like a racecar driver trying to avoid them all. Albany Reddit started a campaign to get our potholes fixed and you won't believe by who.
Easy Summer Treat To Make With Your Kids
Chances are you will hear, "I'm bored" about a thousand times a day during the summer. You will probably be invited to a bunch of picnics and parties too. Well now you can combine the help of your kids with a delicious summer treat.