That's the theory.  There's a new social experiment out there where kids tell very personal reasons for why they refuse to drop out of school.  It's really inspirational stuff, and you may want your child to watch this if they are even THINKING about it. 

According to an article at, there's a very interesting campaign being waged on-line to gt kids to not want to quit school.  It's called the "UNDROPPABLE" project.

The producers started filming kids in April with their stories of how they have become "undroppable", and some of them are tear jerkers.  If you want to see them, you can go to  They are also posted on YouTube, and have gone viral.

Here's an example.  this is Jacob Harper from Joplin, Missouri speaking about how he is undroppable, via YouTube

What a brave move on this kid's part to open up like that.  It's so much more effective than any adult making a "video warning" to stay in school.  What a great idea and fantastic POSITIVE use of social media as well.  If you go to Facebook and just type "undroppable", you will see many more videos as well.  Pass the word, and please - STAY IN SCHOOL.