Today on the show Bethany and I talked about the idea of canceling trick-or-treating on Halloween. It's a sentiment that seems to be gaining in popularity in some communities especially this year because, well... clowns.

Seriously, people do seem to be more and more worried about parading their kids out at night going from house to house and asking strangers for hand outs. Who can you trust anymore? The world seems to be so much more dangerous and filled with anger, are even our own neighborhoods safe anymore?

Personally, it may be that very argument that makes me thing we need Halloween trick or treating more than ever. In a world we parents have become so fearful and cynical could it be possible we need not only to protect our kids from the world but also our very own world view? I want my kids to be cautious but I also don't want them to be afraid.

Halloween could be a great opportunity for them to remember that life can be fun and people are essentially good in nature. Trick-or-treating can help foster a sense of community and rebuild trust in a good neighborhood.

What do you think?