I don't understand this world anymore. It seems as we have moved into the future in so many ways in society, we have also been reverting into the dark ages.  I am talking about censorship and political correctness.

A San Diego sportscaster named, Ross Shimabuku was just suspended for a week for what I think is simply telling the truth. He said that Danika Patrick is "a word that starts with "B', and it isn't beautiful". This is not racist, this isn't vulgar, it is simply what many people who listen to her talk believe to be true.

I don't understand how we can no longer have opinions anymore, do we really have to be nice to everyone who is famous regardless of their own behavior? Is it now the moral police AND the nice police? I worry sometimes where we are going in this country. It seems as a society we just seem to go overboard in both directions. What are your thoughts? Let me know with your "comments" at the bottom of this page.

Here is the video, watch it and let me know if he should have been suspended.

God Bless