Should you be responsible for the “no-show fee” or cost of your child at a kid’s party, if you don’t show up?

Well, it might just happen.  There is a story out of London where a Father RSVP’d yes for his son to go to a party, then later realized he had other plans.  He then claimed he didn’t have contact to let them know he would not be bringing the child.  The party planner is threatening to take him to court for the $24 that she had to pay, calling it a “no-show fee!”

Sean McMaster

Now, I have paid for a kid’s party before.  I know they are expensive, but would you ever do this is a kid didn’t show up?  Can’t you just pay for the kids that show up?  I guess if you have to pay for up to say 9 and only 8 show then you are liable…but wow!

What do you think?  If she goes to court and wins, does this set an ugly prescient?

Would you charge the fee?